Geleen is a freelance multimedia artist from the Philippines who specializes in illustration, graphic design and 3D store design. She started designing and illustrating many years ago and have been creating fun and creative designs for clients from different countries ever since.

One of her most notable projects include her works with the wristband company ZOX, where she has been featured alongside different artists from all over the world. She is also a self-taught Google Sketchup user and has designed all the kiosks of Spigen here in the Philippines.

She is currently the co-founder, artist, and social media manager of Bergel, a local brand that sells outdoor essentials with a touch of the Filipino culture. Learn more about the brand here: Website, Shopee, FB, IG

Creating art has always been a passion of hers from a very young age, and she can now proudly say that she is doing what she loves to make a living.

When she’s not designing, you can often find her outdoors, hiking in the mountains or traveling. Being in nature and having new experiences have always been therapeutic for her and has helped her stay inspired to create art. She also loves taking photographs of landscapes and interesting people during her trips.